* September 2022 Update *
* President Kennedy *
"Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Country"

C19 senses gatherings of people then explodes detectable positive traveling in a jet stream of exhaled vapor to reproduce and may appear present in saliva or vapour upon exhale.

1.   Is C19 Vacine residuals affecting our natural immune system?
2.   Is C19 an evolved form of micro energy from beginning of time?
3.   Is C19 from a Bio Hazard lab abusing Micro Energy?

1. "Nobody Knows".   Our system has natural antibody for cold, flu, infections whatever. When vacine wears off, does our natural antibody operate as if no vacine was given?   "Nobody Knows".

Tampering with micro energy is a violation of evolution at the pace of Universe time.   Case Closed.

2.   Something should be done for Vacine exemptions. When we were kids, 1 polio vaccine lasted a lifetime. Today, we are pumped full of vaccines, boosters so when they finally develope a vaccine, is too late our well being has been corrupted.
"Safe Distance"   "Follow the Data"
  "Sanitise Your Mask Daily"

Go ahead urinate in the lake!   Release C19 to the fish, our last source of food.
"DO NOT PEE in the WATER" signs don't work.   Lunatics take them down.

Vacine:   Trump + Rambo + Arnold =   "Your Fired" "Eye of Tiger" "I'll Be Back"


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