USA resembled an Ostrich with head in sand while foreign corruption take turns spanking it's behind.   NAFTA appeared equivalent to Covid 19.   Mobsters, queerballs and corruption destroy our freedom soldiers past and present provide.   President Trump brought USA to the plate for a pitch at global equality.
Tom Cotton or Marjorie Green should be Vice President to Mr. Trump. A blockbuster team. Want freedom and our country back? This is the team.

All this street crime and kids taking drugs allows Communist countries to move in and take over. Should imprison terrorist gangs and clear homeless off the street for sake of tourism and future of employment. Come on high school and University grads, get in there, drain the swamp.
President Kennedy; "Ask Not Not What Your Country Can Do For You. Ask What You Can Do For Your Country".   This means end drugs in schools, get a job, respect soldiers past and present efforts for freedom.

"What Happened"

Question #1: Mr. Trump had a landslide record re-election.   What happened?
Answer A: Had Mr. Trump acted like the Apprentice, would have won.   Mr. Trump only resembled a good old heckler at a ball game who braved the media mob of fake news, then created a masterpiece of global policy for equality. Mr. Trump drained the swamp of corruption who take away liberty and freedom. People simply did not get it. Now they do.

Answer B:   No wonder homeland soil is is under attack.   All the enemy sees is lazy people, street drugs, mobsters, queerballs and fake news undermining our freedom provided by great leaders and soldiers.

Answer C: Democrat inflation reflects kids stealing the family credit card.   Parents or "We the People" lose Freedom and Liberty paying off the inflation credit card.

Answer D: Most states are destroyed by deranged govenors, senators and mayors.   Inmates are spoon fed, diapers changed (laundry service) deprive funds for wounded veterans, pensioners, handicapped and tourism.   Illegal street drugs resemble an invasion of enemy soldiers devouring homeland security and American youth.

Personally, I am not an informant however, with drugs and crime, we pay more taxes while vetrans, pensioners and handicapped suffer.
Canadian Trucker delivers to USA keeps jobs and served thru C19 Pandemic