"Trucker Freedom Convoy"

PROBLEM;   Prime Minister Justin failed to act in Good Faith and Fair Practice thus violates civil law to not negotiate with truckers. Prime minister caused loss of income not moving the freight thus the Emergency Act should have been placed on the Prime Minister.

  RESOLUTION;   Return Truckers their border exemption for x number of days days. This opens the bridge in 30 minutes, then negotiate freedom for nurses and essentials.

  Prime Minister caused freight delay and revenue loss running and hiding from Truckers.

Emergency Act should have been envoked upon the Prime Minister for loss of import and export revenue and loss of employment upon the people.

We Watch Only "FOX NO FAKE NEWS"

We remember Prime Minister Pierre had no jurisdiction to stop mortgage rates shooting up to 28%, then never advised the people banks are over reacting. Prime Minister then put Canada Trillions in debt.

We remember Prime Minister Harper balanced the budget, had money in the bank, then lost the election trying to raise retirement to 67 years of age, then refused the taxes provided by legal Marijuana.

Prime Minister TreauDope has reputation of being a PUNK who ran to hide refusing Canadian Truckers with a RESOLUTION then envoked the "Emergency Act".

USA elected Brandon of the South.   Canada elected Brandon of the North.   Let's Go Brandon's.   See you at the Polls.

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