Good Old Days; 1992 you could still drive around LA and meet near any VIP for a pitch.

1994 computers with Windows arrived. Writers everywhere having 6 screenplays in their back pocket pounding the Yellow Brick Road using every angle to get read. This created the term; "We Don't Accept Unsolicited Material" and "You must have a WGA Agent". Doors were closing fast.

1996 Scripts were everywhere. WGA Agents had smoking scripts could not land a deal. Music publishers had smoking tunes can't get on a CD. Hanging out with the who you know crowd in LA was too expensive. As soon as you say; "I have a script" The room empties.

1997 you could still pose on the phone as a large company. I got transfered to executive offices, had it made until they asked for $10,000.00 non refundable their actor would then read the script. Say no more (click). I made my last pitch in the year 2000.

Digital cameras came out eliminating my silent 8mm movie camera for trailers. Computers no longer crashed websites so I could direct buyers to my site. Is 2020 am still looking for respect.

Bryan Benson