1966 I made trailers on silent 8mm movies.   1994 Windows 3.1 with printers replaced typewriters.   I then wrote sitcoms, screenplays and songs.

    1994 - 1998,   Disney had my song for movie "Gone Fishing".   Well known actors approved my work,   would act if I got a producer.

    1998 computers made millions of writers with 6 screenplays in their pocket congesting LA,   ended ability to pitch producers.

    All material is for sale reasonable price includes (c) and all royalties through Entertainment Law upon agreed Sale.

    Am semi retired Canadian trucker delivering to USA preserving employment.   I trust this website can sell.

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"Actors Would Act - Can't a Find Producer"

"Got to 1st Base   Slid into 2nd   Tagged Out on 3rd"

Trucker Bryan: