Country artist 1 hit wonder.

Movie TV or radio commercial.

Will accept co-writing on versus.

2 powerful chorsus to select from.

Protected thru our entertainment law.

On a TV Talent Show.   Making a Come Back.   New Artist Looking for Tunes.   Break From the Pack with Originality for Audience Impact.  Publishing adjustments considered.

Chorus was written as a Radio Commercial, TV commercial and screenplay title track. For new artists, verses may or may not require a serious co-write. Split royalties and publishing agreements are possible thru our Entertainment Law.

Pitched to Disney Studios for; "Going Fishing" with Danny Glover and Joe Pesci.   3 Words in the chorus; "We Goin Fishing" to a soft harmonica for each comical disaster was the pitch.   Disney suffered budget cuts we were out. and Twinkle Tunes Publishing
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