Big Bang
Aura Energy
Micro Energy

Evolution at the Pace
of Universe Time

Food Chain
within Aura Energy

Prophets and mind readers predict past, present and future.  We are aware of a mass coincidence where people speak words and phrases or move at the same instant someone else does. Inocrity reveals we are in a connection with aura energy where people, animals and events about to occur impound upon us on a daily basis.

Inocrity is First to Reveal;
      Side effects as we interact with aura energy.
      We rely on aura energy to function on a daily basis.
      We are part of a food chain with equalisation within aura energy.
      Mind readers don't read your mind, they obtain readings from aura energy.
      Volume 2 Inocrity with clarification in 5 languages includes Postings on our Forum.

Inocrity is first to suspect radar, cell phones and communication devices operating in their massive electronic field accellerate or affect surrounding molecules in an adverse reaction, may contribute to global warming smilar to a microwave makes heat. Are babies development in the womb affected?

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