Aura Energy
Micro Energy
Big Bang

Prespective of
Aura Energy
Evolution at the Pace
of Universe Time

Aura Energy Food Chain
with Equalisation

Early day prophets did predict past, present and future. Most people as usual confused and ridiculed this viable spectrum down to a myth with no proof.

Inocrity redirects speculation and confusion with proof we are all bound together with aura energy. We then advance beyond the realm of possibility to reveal a food chain within Aura Energy. We are 1st in our book to reveal one of many processes within Aura Energy.

Our online forum allows you to post psychic, paranormal, unusual encounters or questions. We answer your questions based on substance of Inocrity. This is our sister website. Our main website is invitation only. Volume 2 Inocrity will be available in 2020 with clarification in 5 languages.

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