Log Line;
Airport: 2 Foreign executives arrive in USA to learn big business. Their limousine was towed. Our wacky Tow Driver offers a ride in his tow truck.

Executives accept the ride asking to see where is big business. Our wacky Tow Driver has no interest in big business and delivers a 17 hour tour of fun America droping our ehausted executives just in time for their VIP corporate meeting. Comedy is ongoing. No animation.

Marketing History;
Originally written for personality of John Candy whose managment in 1993 recieved the script then John passed away 1994. Years later, re-written for actor Jim Varney known as Earnst goes to camp, Earnst scared stupid series. My retired WGA Agent commented Jim and Jane Varney on the plane laughed reading the script. Jim working hard passed away in year 2000. Script has not been pitched since.

Personal Comment;
Locating a newer actor who can wear a baseball cap backwards wacky funny with audience impact as the likes of Jim Varney will be a goal hard to reach. Article by Beverly Keel Beverly Keel clear, concise high end writer.

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