Log Line;
A Wild West Boom Town fades to a respectable image of farming. Townsfolk like the change. Saloon rowdies are bored with this peaceful life. Mr. Webster, owner of the local newspaper pays saloon rowdies to make the town wild on weekends. The more Townsfolk become agitated, the more Mr. Webster pays rowdies for wilder outrageous pranks.

Mr. Webster's comical antics create numerous inventions as; Camera's, Dollywood Amusement Park
(pending permission) beans and molasses, circus rides with wild mouse, live Bands, line dancing and more. Barber Shoppers & Sweet Adelines accent a few comedy scenes.

History of Screenplay;
As a kid watching actor Raymond Burr in Perry Mason and later Ironside sparked the right actor for this screenplay finally completed in 1992. Before we could pitch Raymond Burr had passed away 1993.

Has the witt of Blazing Saddles. Solid colorfull storyline and comedy of Paint your Wagon. Originality of this script makes a good read. Audio tracks compliment comedy scenes.

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