All 6 Screenplays are for Sale Includes Royalties to Copyrites.   After Your Purchase, will Hire on as a Script Doctor /Advisor.

    Download 1 or all 6 Screenplays in .PDF

    Young Love and Brainfry Optional in Hard Cover

    Webster's Stage Hard Cover Leather Bound 1880's Look

Best way to get read?   Drive LA freeways assisting stranded motorists hoping they're related to a producer or director.   Is funny as you approach their car, they roll windows up calling 911 or yell AAA is on the way.

The who you know game isn't thousands and you have a chance, it's millions out there with at least 6 Screenplays in their back pocket shoving them down anyone's throat.   Was dangerous posing as an executive with a briefcase having Iced Tea on a LA street cafe.   Rodney Dangerfield; "No Respect".

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