began in 1993 when computers replaced the typewriter.   This allowed quick editing and printing on paper.   I wrote 30 minute scripts for the Golden Girls and Becker however could not get thru the who you know crowd.   I wrote a few screenplays to suit actors Raymond Burr, John Candy and Jim Varney.   I got recieved however could not land a producer.   I was out.

Country band Diamond Rio almost took my song would have sparked a motion picture deal.   Disney reviewed my chorus from 1 tune for the movie "Gone Fishing" with Joe Peschi and Danny Glover.   Audio is the last thing they do and the budget was blown.   They were out.

I offer an ok read however millions of people with computers congested LA trying to pitch scripts.   Studios and producers doors were closed.   Actors managers wanted a retainer of $10,000 to review a screenplay.   The who you know crowd of thousands became millions.   I was out.

A talented copyrite lawyer in Nashville will represent the outright sale of any screenplay or song includes all royalties and publishing for a reasonable price.

Talent Confidentiality Applies.
I Uphold "Movieguide Magazine for Content"
Copyright to Contract with my Entertainment Lawyer.

"Pouinding the Pavement in LA is Not Easy"

"I Get to 1st Base. Slide into 2nd. Then Tagged Out on 3rd"